How to automatically update a "private" vscode extension


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The right way is to publish it into official market, but if you can't wait or don't want to, here we go:

Generally speaking, this could be as simple as:

  1. a regular task to check the server.
  2. Download the extension package if newer version available.
  3. Install that extension package.

You can have all kinds of different impelementations for step 1 or 2, I wouldn't go into details here.

The challenge part is step 3. Previously I just ask my colleagues to manually install the vsix file I shared with them, since it's just several simple clicks on UI. But after 3 releases (bugs/feature request) in a week, this process becomes a bit unacceptable. I have to figure out a way to upgrade it automatically to prevent the fragmentations and also make other's life a bit happier.

So the first question is can we install it through a script/cli? Well, the answer is not that obvious to me (due to my poor google skills), but hey, vscode is opensource, all the answers are already there in the code. So I go to github and quickly go through the issues (always assume somebody else may have the very same issue before), and I find someone report a bug of this command:

code --install-extension path_to_extension_vsix --force

wait, I don't know that and also, it's very clear then it's doable. Everything follows up is simple and boring:

  • a lot more help info through code --help.
  • searching through the code by "install-extension"
  • ha, cli command: "workbench.extensions.installExtension" (in fact, it's right there in the offical documentation :))
  • basically just call this vs command in the extension code with the vsix file URI, it's done.

Can't believe I go through such a long way (again, poor google skills), but a lot of other stuffs learnt.

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